THAT Podcast

I love listening to Digital Campus, a podcast produced by the Center for History and New Media (CHNM) that explores the impact of digital technologies on educational and cultural institutions. Now the folks at CHNM have launched another great podcast: THAT (The Humanities and Technology) podcast. In each episode, hosts Jeremy Boggs and Dave Lester will interview a guest about some aspect of technology and education, then show how to use a tool, mixing together the conversation and demonstration in a tasty gumbo. The first episode features an interview with WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg and a demonstration of Boggs and Lester’s own ScholarPress Courseware course management plugin for WordPress. Mullenweg described some of the inventive ways that WordPress is used by academics to store research notes, suggested that faculty be able to somehow mark their best podcasts to be evaluated as part of the their tenure packages, and offered some tips for getting technology projects off of the ground. The show illustrates why it’s important to talk with folks outside of academia; Mullenweg brought a fresh perspective and asked questions that led to an insightful discussion of digital humanities and academic blogging.

Sidenote: Man, CHNM should spin off a company to create new product names: THAT is such a witty acronym (“Who’s on first” jokes, anyone?), and Zotero and Omeka just sound so cool.

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