Presentation on How Digital Humanists Use GitHub

At Digital Humanities 2016, Sean Morey Smith and I presented on our ongoing work examining GitHub as a platform of knowledge for digital humanities. Our results are still preliminary, but we want to share our presentation (PDF). We’re especially grateful to those who agreed to be interviewed for the study and who took our survey. We expect to produce an article (or two) based on our research.

We welcome any questions or feedback.


5 responses to “Presentation on How Digital Humanists Use GitHub

  1. Hi Lisa–Your survey missed me and my DH group, but you may want to check us out: We are using GitHub extensively in teaching DH, and it was a major collaborative effort with strong impetus from a student at Pitt-Greensburg, Rebecca Parker, who got us all using command line GitHub last spring and authored the tutorial we use for our class. The DH class itself has a GitHub repo, with all the students collaborating in our central “DHClass-Hub” to a) raise, answer, and close questions as help tickets on the Issues page and access shared files as they work on coding homework, and b) to learn how to create and run their own repos. Here are some links:

    * our DHClass-Hub:
    * our DH classes’ tutorials page, with student-authored GitHub tutorials in the lead position:

    • Thanks, Elisa! I’m sorry that our method of selecting study participants (focusing on presenters at the last 3 DH conferences or staff affiliated with centerNet institutions, if they provide their email addresses via their public GitHub accounts) missed you and your group. I’m quite interested in how GitHub is being used in DH education, so it’s great to have this example.

  2. Terrific–I was excited to read about your study and glad to contribute even as a latecomer to the table. 🙂

  3. Hello Lisa — Wonderful survey! As a part of Elisa’s above mentioned group I wanted to extend another hand and offer my slides showcasing the Pitt-Greensburg DHClass-Hub pedagogy model and student project management model that I recently presented with at the Keystone DH conference.


    I am an advocate of teaching undergrads Git and GitHub and would gladly be available for any future ventures similar to this survey. Thanks for sharing your slides. Find me on GitHub 🙂

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