Possibilities for Digital Humanities at Community Colleges

I was pleased to present today at Houston Community College’s Spring 2019 English & Humanities Colloquium on “The Digital Classroom: Humanities, Literature & Composition.” Thanks to Dr. Helen Graham for the invitation.

Here are my slides. Much of the presentation is built on Dr. Anne McGrail’s work on DH and community colleges.


3 responses to “Possibilities for Digital Humanities at Community Colleges

  1. Anne McGrail authored our keyword, Community College, for Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities! Wonderful work! https://github.com/curateteaching/digitalpedagogy/blob/master/keywords/community_college.md

  2. Elizabeth Huston, Ph.D.

    I am an English faculty member at Eastfield College in the Dallas, Texas, area. We have been trying to get our digital humanities (now digital scholarship to bring in all disciplines) program off the ground for about three years. The hardest part is convincing other faculty to jump in. As the chair of the DS committee, I have been trying to find the best ways to put together a kind of flow chart for our program, to manage program goals, and to encourage faculty to incorporate DS tools, creativity, projects into their pedagogy and assignments. I am looking for more training if you have any suggestions, I would love them!

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