Group and Method: Collaboration in the Digital Humanities

Yesterday I gave a talk called “Group and Method: Collaboration in the Digital Humanities” at Case Western Reserve University’s Freedman Center Colloquium on “Exploring Collaboration in Digital Scholarship.” Drawing on my research for “Computing and Communicating Knowledge” and for a series of blog posts, I discussed why collaboration is so common in digital humanities (although of course not all DH work is necessarily collaborative); explored the significance of collaboration in projects to build digital resources, devise new research methods, and promote participatory humanities; and explored challenges to collaboration. I also described how my experiences as a grad student in English convinced me of the value of collaboration–particularly my membership in a dissertation group (I was thrilled that my fellow diss group member Amanda French also gave a talk at the colloquium) and my work at Virginia’s Etext Center.

Here is the pdf of the slides.


2 responses to “Group and Method: Collaboration in the Digital Humanities

  1. Thanks so much for this post. I am working on a paper to answer the difficult question of: Does the history of human thought suggest that we are heading toward a synthesis of cultures? I want to address this question in the framework of the digital humanities particularly because the digital humanities allows for the collaboration and sharing of culture and ideas on such a wide scale and in ways that we’ve never seen before. This information is very helpful toward investing this inquiry further.

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